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With the national & international media launch of Dr Robert Young's book The pH Miracle, Innerlight products are now a cultural phenomenon, and demand is growing off the charts.

The great news for you is that Innerlight products are available exclusively through a network of dedicated individuals like you. Many operate on a small scale just to earn a few extra dollars, and some are making serious 5, 6 and possibly even 7 figure incomes!

The opportunity is tremendous and we invite you to invest in the $35 Distributor Starter Pack, which contains everything you need to get started. Here's why the program is for you:

  • No minimum orders or monthly obligations. Just $35 gets you started and entitles you to 25% off all products whether for your own use or selling to others...

  • One of the - possibly the - best compensation plans in the business. Enjoy the discounts and earn nothing, make a few hundred a year or several thousand a week - it's up to you.

  • A wide range of marketing support materials - including FREE conference calls every week (see below), your own website, online business management, sample packs, leaflets, training - you name it!

  • Most importantly there is NO LIMIT TO THE INCOME YOU CAN CREATE!

But please ACT NOW - placements at the current levels in the organization are extremely limited and going fast!

FREE Conference Calls!

Innerlight Conference Calls are live, lively and fully interactive.  They are held every week on the following days:

  • Tuesday & Thursday Evenings 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern - Hear - and ask - all about the opportunity you have to make $$$ while helping others!
  • Wednesday Evenings 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern - Join our team on the phone to hear all about our flagship Innerlight products

Just call +1 620- 294-3000 on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern and dial in PIN number  7039# at the prompt

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Automatically Included: The $35 'Distibutor' Kit
(does not include product)
Entitles you to 25% off our standard retail prices (and includes everything you need to get started as a distributor if that's what you want to do).
Contains the Product List and Price Lists that you will need, our Compensation Plan, Policies & Procedures, plus product samples, a SuperGreens water bottle, The Wellness Revolution video, Innerlight Company Presentation CD, 2 Rob Young audio CD's, and Rob & Shelley Young's new book The pH Miracle - just to name a few).

SAVE $25.55 and Alkalize Immediately! - Include the SuperGreens & Prime pH Starter Kit - NOW JUST $74.90!
Right away you are entitled to your 25% discount on the most popular way to balance your pH - the SuperGreens & Prime pH super-alkalizing combination!

Stay EverGreen, EverBalanced Autoship me the SuperGreens & Prime pH Starter Kit every month
Nothing beats staying Alkaline for life. Check here and we'll make sure you get your supply of SuperGreens & Prime pH delivered like clockwork every month.


Jump-Start me up the Compensation Ladder
For just $200 of product you'll need anyway, we'll jump start you up our generous industry-leading compensation scheme as an SMR - a Senior Marketing Representative! This is a great place to start and entitles you not only to distributor pricing, but also to earn immediate income based on sales made by people you introduce to Innerlight. Typically introducing just a small handful of friends will cover the cost of this in a few weeks. As an SMR, we'll ship you $100 of SuperGreens, Prime pH, SuperSoy Sprouts and stunning Liquid Lightning Biolight each month (you can change this selection or cancel at any time) to use or sell and this will keep you qualified for all your commissions.
This is a major step on a serious compensation ladder that can easily lead to a 5, 6 or even 7 figure income! (Note - as an alternative you can check "Hell I'm going for it" below, which will also kick you off as an SMR.)

Hell I'm going for it!!
This is the way to start when you're really going for it. A $500 pack of Dr Young's 'Complete Program' - that's both the Balance Pack for a complete cleanse and Basics Pack to form a solid foundation for good health, so you have loads of product to use, demonstrate, sell or share!! Plus we'll keep you qualified for all your commissions with $100 Autoship each month. Remember you can cancel at any time.

Notes: Add any comments here...

3: (Optional) QuickStart your Innerlight Distributor business

Once you are accepted there's a huge range of promotional materials to help you succeed. Here's just a few of the most popular choices to get you off to a flying start. Just enter the quantity you want beside each item.

  15 min Promotional Cassettes: Anthony Robbins Interviews Dr Robert Young ($1.00)
Order 25 or 50 of these and hand out to anyone and everyone - you'll find most want to try SuperGreens right away! (Just tell them you need the tape back in 3 days - they'll listen quickly, give the tape back and usually place an order!) Our top distributor uses these tapes as his sole means of promotion!

  Anthony Robbins 'PowerTalk' Interview with Dr Robert Young ($1.50)
The interview that changed everything. Take it in the car - this long interview is essential listening and training in Dr Young's discoveries. Life will never be the same again!

  CD Opportunity Presentation 10-Packs ($20.00)
This CD is a great way to present the Innerlight Opportunity to a prospect, and rehearse yourself on the key points.



 Balance Packs ($190 - Retails at $253.50)
The Balance Pack is the complete pack for undertaking a full cleanse. Its the definative way to get your system clean and in balance.

  32oz SuperGreens Waterbottles ($3.00)
Great promotional item - and a great measure of how much you are drinking. Aim for 2-4 of these each day!

  SuperGreens Sample Packs (100 x 3 gram sachets) ($60.00)
These individual-serving sachets are a very convenient way to travel with SuperGreens, so you can mix for yourself or a prospect anywhere anytime.

 White InnerLight Polo Shirts (Large) ($25.00)


I accept the Terms and Conditions
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Please note that applicable taxes, postage and packing will be added at standard rates.
Note for International (non-US) Customers:
Innerlight Inc., which will process your application and will dispatch your order, is a US-based company and all orders will be sent fast via UPS/World Wide Express. Different countries have differing customs regulations and can levy different import duties. Innerlight's responsibility is expressly limited to supplying and shipping product.

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